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Victor Williams' American Journey from Hardscrabble Arkansas 

Williams believes that equal opportunity, free enterprise, and zealous competition are foundations to the American (economic and political) system.  America is about equal opportunity not leftist guaranteed results.  Victor's life has been proof of that American way.

As he jokes with his law students during the semester's first class, Victor  grew up in LA (lower Arkansas).  It was one those places in the forgotten south where systemic poverty was transgenerational. Perhaps "hardscrabble" is the kindest term. 

However, his parents were exceptionally gentle people ("too gentle for this world," Victor often says) and they believed in the American dream through education.

Victor as exploited every educational opportunity.  Other relatives joke that he will never be finished with his schooling.  

He was a first generation college graduate (BA, Ouachita Baptist University before Sarah Sanders but after her dad Mike Huckabee). 

Williams then left the state to earn a teaching degree followed by a graduate education policy degree (M.Ed., Harvard University). 

While paying off student loans, Williams taught at a variety of public, parochial, and private instititutions.

Continuing to teach and with a host of other part-time jobs, Victor completed no less than three law degrees (JD, University of California-Hastings College of the Law (a year before Ms. Harris); LLM in International, Columbia University School of Law; LLM in Economics, George Mason University Scalia School of Law).

Williams also clerked/externed for three federal judges prior to beginning his law teaching (US Ninth Circuit Judge Joseph Sneed; US Eleventh Circuit Judge Gerald Tjoflat; US District Judge William Brevard Hand).

Victor Williams has held three prominent faculty appointments teaching law and government (Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law; University of Maryland's Carey School of Law; City University of New York's John Jay College of Criminal Justice). 

A prolific scholar, public commentator and frequent media guest, Professor Williams has supported the Article II constitutional appointment authority of the past four presidents without regard to their party.

Williams has been a zealous supporter of President Trump's appointments and America First policies.

In the past decade, however, Williams had grown disgusted with establishment politics, hypocritical politicains, and elitest parties.  He tried and rejected affiliation with Republican, Democrat, and Libertarian parties and candidates.

Williams was equally disgusted by the truth of George W. Bush's disasterous Iraq war and by Barack Obama's foolish Iran Nnuclear deal that shipped billions of dollars (and six other currencies) of cash on pallets to the terroist  supporting nation.


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