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Trump Democrats:  Historic Outreach to Conservative-Moderate Democrats

Victor rejoices in returning to Arlington following a number of years located in neighboring Bethesda from where he continue to teach law at Catholic University while also investing in real estate (read he held onto a tear-down until the land value skyrocketed). In Maryland, Victor learned again how to talk with Democrats.  He was open with them about why he supported Trump.  And some Democrats were very interested in Victor's populist take on Trump.

Victor did not have as much luck talking with Maryland's Republican establishment. Against hard opposition from Never-Trampers, RINOs, and GOP Milquetoasts, Victor still fought the good pro-Trump fight across the Potomac River.

This included a brief self-funded congressional primary run to annoy all with pro-Trump median signs on main roads leading into and out of the swamp.

Back in Virginia, Victor feels particularly blessed to live again in Arlington. He prays for the day when all American communities are as peaceful, safe, and prosperous.

Victor also promotes Arlington as one of the most dog-friendly cities in America.  He asks “Where else does a local dog-park, located flat-in the most expensive commercial area of Clarendon, have both a water feature and sandy faux-beach.”

Victor has recently taken time to travel to other parts of the Commonwealth. And he made opportunities to stop and talk with Virginia citizens (emphasis intended) about their concerns and about their political views.

Victor has always loved trips to Virginia Beach, the Shenandoah, and the southernmost counties; indeed all regions of the state. And he still finds Cracker Barrel locations a great meeting-up place. 

In these travels, Victor found Democrats, Independents, and Republicans alike who thought it was past time for the two term incumbent to be replaced.

Victor spoke to folks about the times in his life that he was a registered Democrat. When an Arkansas undergraduate, Victor was “President for Colleges of the Arkansas Young Democrats.”  But Ronald Reagan brought him into the Republican Party until after John McCain lost the presidency.

When he learned the truth about the lead-up into the Iraq War under Bush 43, however, Victor left the GOP to register Democrat and support the more populist wing of the party.

And for a while, Victor harbored naïve hopes that Barack Obama would bring forth a real racial reconciliation. 

But when Victor learned the full truth about the billions in currency (on pallets) that Obama-Biden gave over to the terrorist regime of Iran, Victor left the Democrats.

For a month or two, he was a registered Libertarian. And, Victor still appreciates Libertarians’ fighting spirit but he is equally concerned with order and law. 

It was Donald Trump’s 2016 call for a renewed American patriotism and economic program to Make America Great Again that brought Victor back to the GOP.  He became a Republican again so as to be able to support Trump and his America First Movement in the primaries. 

As he told Virginia folks in his statewide travels, “I am a Trump-Republican.”  

It was during these travels that Victor was hit with the idea of a historically aggressive outreach effort to ask conservative-moderate Democrats to join a “Pro-Trump” Senate campaign to defeat Mark “Russia-hoaxer” Warner. 

Throughout Virginia, there are many Trump-Democrats.

Victor Williams for Virginia (
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