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Please Check-Back in coming days for fulsome descriptions of Professor Victor Williams' policy positions on important 2020 issues.

Pro-Life. Always Communicate with Respect & Compassion; Fight Against Dems' Infanticide/Late Term Bills; Moderation with Incest/Rape/Life Exceptions

Pro-Economic Growth through Tax Cuts and Regulatory Reform

Demand GOP Senate Allow Trump's Recess Appointment Choice by 10-day Breaks (end pro forma sessions shams)

Reciprocal Trade Policies Ending Intellectual Property Theft


Defend Individual Constituional Rights for American History, Free Speech. Free Religous Expression, Free Press, and Gun Posession.

Secure the Southern Border, Stop the Massive Flow (Invasion) of Illegals, Fund and Build the $&@* Wall, Merit-Only Immigration

Always Support and Defend Israel without Reservation

Victor Williams for Virginia (
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