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Victor Williams for Virginia --

On July 4th, Prof. Williams Announced Senate Run         Against Warner at the Leadership Institute's Annual Conservative Soriee in Occoquan Regional Park

On July 4, 2019, pro-Trump law professor Victor Williams formally announced his run for the U.S Senate for Virginia.  Victor is committed to preventing two-term incumbent Warner's re-election

Victor stated:

"Mark 'Russia-Hoaxer' Warner must be defeated. Warner betrays Virginia values and Virginia voters as he follows D.C. Democrats in their extreme-leftist lurch."

The pro-Trump law professor views it as the honor of his life to launch this campaign to represent the great and historically-important Commonwealth of Virginia in the United States Senate.

Virginia's history, America's history, our Republic's Founders, our Constitution's Framers, our patriotic observances, our monuments, and -- yes -- our historic statues should be celebrated. They must be protected. 

Victor chose the Leadership Institute’s Annual Conservative July 4th Soiree for the campaign launch. Virginians from all across the Commonwealth attended the celebrated event in beautiful Occoquan Regional Park.



Victor launched his campaign early with a specific goal to jump start the Virginia GOP's Senate nominee selection process. 

He sought to insure that Republicans have ample time to both raise funds and unify around the strongest woman or man that emerges from the scrum.

(While we actively fund raise and work for 2019 GOP nominees for their Virginia statehouse races. We must do both!)

Victor urged all potential GOP Senate candidates to join him in beginning their campaigns early. He has suggested that Republican candidates set a high threshold and serve as a model for civil, probing, and honest debate/discussion about issues facing Virginia and our great Republic.


BREAKING NEWS -- July 8, 2019

Just four days after Victor urged his potential GOP competitors to join the race this summer,  former congressman Scott Taylor (on July 8th) announced his intention to run.

Victor commended Taylor for his quick decision to join him in the contest. Victor praised Taylor for his “stellar service to our nation – both in the military and in Congress.” 

As Victor welcomed Taylor to the race, he expressed hope that other GOP Senate contenders would also join the race early, saying: "With all Republicans working together, I know that Mark ‘Russia-Hoaxer’ Warner will be soundly defeated.”  


Taking to heart Thomas Jefferson's and historic Virginia’s ideal of a "citizen lawyer," Victor has long been engaged in civic projects and political affairs including during his years teaching law in New York City, Washington, and Baltimore, and while he lived in Virginia, in Maryland and now again in Virginia.

During his first years as a Arlington resident, for example, Victor won the 2001 GOP nomination and stood for the Virginia House of Delegates (48th District).

Victor is a proud member of the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, and the Republican National Lawyers Association.

Victor has been active in the Federalist Society since he founded the Federalist Society's University of California-Hastings chapter and lead it during his three years of law school.  Victor served as a National Student Editor of the Federalist Society's Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy while he also was Articles Editor of the Hastings Constitutional Law Quarterly

Most recently, Victor was at the Federalist Society's 2019 Supreme Court Review held at the historic Mayflower Hotel.

Victor is perhaps best known as the legal academic who has been a loyal Trump supporter since early-2016. When those in the leftist academe criticized his Trump advocacy, Victor responded by doubling-down in his Trump support. Albeit with a decidedly disruptive spin.

First, Victor disrupted the primary campaign of Trump's opponent Ted Cruz by independently challenging Cruz's ballot eligibility. 

Victor generated an exceptional amount of national media attention to the fact that Cruz was not a "natural born" American as the Constitution requires. Cruz was and is a natural-born Canadian who held his Canadian citizenship until 2014.

In order to establish "standing" for the ballot challenges and law suits against Cruz, Victor filed as a "write-in" candidate for president in nine states.  Soon after Cruz withdrew from the primary race, Victor withdrew his write-in candidacy. Victor formally endorsed Donald Trump prior to the 2016 GOP Convention.

Victor then founded and still chairs "Law Professors for Trump" to independently fight for candidate Trump, for President Trump,  and for America First policies  - in the media and the courts. The association of law professors endorse and strongly support Trump's 2020 reelection. 


Victor has been very critical of biased, anti-Trump federal court rulings particularly from several rouge trial judges and from certain appellate panels of the Circuit Courts of Appeals.

Victor has zealously called for timely appointment of all Trump nominees. He advocated for elimination of the Senate filibuster in SCOTUS confirmations.

In his continued work with Law Professors for Trump, Victor praises Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership for recent Senate rules reform to institute a somewhat more timely confirmation votes for some Trump nominees.  [In years past, Senate confirmations took only days or weeks -- not months and years.]

However, Victor respectfully asks Senate GOP leadership to stop blocking President Trump's "Recess Appointment" option.

Republicans hold a Senate majority and they should "Stand Proud with President Trump." Or, they should stand aside. 

The GOP Senate continues its "pro forma session shams" every three days for the specific purpose of blocking Trump from using his textual Article II, Section 2, Clause 3 alternative appointment authority. 

According to the Supreme Court's 2014 dictate in Noel Canning, the Senate must break for at least 10 days (without the pro forma sham sessions). 

And if the House disagrees with the Senate's adjournment decision, President Trump's constitutional power to adjourn both chambers is triggered. 

The US Constitution's Article II, Section 3 references the House and Senate as "them" in stating:

"in Case of Disagreement between them, with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper"

President Trump could then immediately fill important empty offices, such as the vacant Federal Reserve Board seats, critically-important Cabinet and sub-cabinet positions, and even judicial benches with just his notable signature on a stack of recess commissions.

In our history, 1000s of top federal officials and judges have been recess appointed. The temporary "recess" appointments can last up to 24 months -- until the end of the Senate's next session.  Meanwhile, the Senate continues with its traditional confirmation processes.

It is very important to note that Victor has strongly defended this alternative Executive appointment authority for the past four presidents -- without regard to their party.  Victor Williams was the only law professor in the nation to defend Barack Obama's recess appointments at the US Supreme Court with an amicus brief in the Noel Canning case.  He gladly makes establishment enemies in both parties by standing by this Article II principle.

Victor is thus being consistent as he heralds President Donald John Trump's recess appointment power.

Most recently, Victor has challenged the constitutional legitimacy of the 20 ongoing congressional investigations into Donald Trump, his family, his businesses, and his taxes. The House abuses are unconstitutional.

Victor reminds that Congress is explicitly forbidden to engage in law enforcement, prosecutorial, and judicial functions.

Victor asserts that the various congressional harassments are just the latest shameful stage in the elitist, establishment crusade against disruptive Donald Trump and the 2016 American voters.   

Now, in the summer of 2019, Victor Williams calls for all Virginians including Virginia's Independents and disaffected Democrats to "Stand Proud with President Trump" by defeating Mark “Russia-Hoaxer” Warner.

Truth be told: Mark Warner has betrayed Virginia values and Virginia voters by following his party elites in their extreme-leftist lurch. Warner must be defeated.

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